Micro Business Loans

Short term business loan targeting micro business enterprises for financing any productive purpose e.g. working capital

Product features: 
  • Interest charged on declining balance.
  • Minimum loan amount UShs. 100,000/=
  • Maximum loan amount of up to UShs. 20million
  • Flexible and regular repayment plans available.
  • Loan period of up to 24 months.
Basic Requirements: 
  • Savings or Current Account with the Bank.
  • Movable collateral like vehicles, household property or business assets.
  • Guarantees, personal or corporate.
  • Application fee of UShs. 15,000/=.
  • Commitment fee of 2% of loan amount.
  • Inspection of collateral.
  • Legal perfection of collateral and guarantees.
  • Applicant must be resident within the branch designated area of operation.
  • There must be an on-going business activity
  • Financial card

  • Fast and easiest way to access business funds.
  • Affordable to most low income earners and rural poor.
  • Informal loan security accepted.