Home Improvement Loans

Short term loan with both regular and irregular repayments targeted at home owners with regular income earnings for the purpose of financing home improvement either through construction/ renovation residential/commercial houses, erecting of perimeter wall/fence, installation of power and energy systems, kitchenettes, water supply and sanitation systems and building of latrines.

Product features: 
  • Interest charged on declining balance
  • Minimum loan amount is UShs. 100,000/=
  • Maximum loan amount is UShs. 30 million
  • Regular and flexible loan repayment plans.
  • Maximum loan period of up to 36 months.
Basic Requirements: 
  • Saving or Current account with the bank
  • Applicant must have a home to improve.
  • Security for the loan.
  • Applicant must be resident in the branch designated area of operation.
  • Applicant must possess good source of income for repaying the loan.
  • Application fee of UShs. 15,000/=.
  • Commitment fee of 2% of loan amount.
  • • Financial card

  • Fast and easiest way to improve homes.
  • Improves living conditions of customers.
  • Manageable loan installments.
  • Competitive interest rate.