Motor Cycle Collaborative Scheme

Centenary Bank partnered with Verma Company Limited the leading motorcycle distributor in the country to provide loans to the public so as to purchase motorcycles at a reduced price vis a vie market price. The scheme is aimed at providing people in the public opportunities to start their own businesses.


Main features: 

Meant for those who are registered cyclists but cannot afford the motorcycles.

Basic Requirements:: 
  • A Centenary Bank Account (For those without)
  • Financial card
  • Minimum contribution of 10% for the youth under KCCA or National Youth Capital Venture Fund and 20% for others
  • Fast loan processing (3 to 5 days).
  • Provision of a helmet, first aid kit and a tool box.
  • Finacial literacy, road safety and motorcycling tips.
  • A wide range of motor/tricycles can be financed. Including; Bajaj, Boxer, Platina, Ninja 250R, Pulsar, Avenger and Three Wheelers.
  • After Sales Service.
  • Payable with in a period of 2 years maximum for youth and business clients and 5 years for salaried employees.
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