ATM Cardless Withdraw service with MTN Mobile Money

This service helps you withdraw money from your MTN Mobile Money wallet using our ATMs without an ATM card.


How to make the transaction


1.      On the Phone ;

·         Press *165# on your phone and press Yes

·         Select Financial services

·         Select ATM Cashout

·         Select ATM Withdraw under the Menu

·         Type in “1” to Generate the “TIN Code” It is a 4 digit number

·         Enter your Mobile Money  PIN

·         You will then receive a message with your TIN Code.


Note: The TIN Code is only valid for 10 Minutes.


2.      At the  Centenary  Bank  ATM

·         Press any key, then select MTN Mobile Money

·         Enter your phone Number

·         Enter the amount you wish to withdraw

·         Enter the TIN code

·         Press OK

·         The machine will then dispense the cash and a receipt.