Foreign Currency Cheques

A Foreign cheque is a cheque drawn on a foreign bank and a local foreign currency cheque is foreign currency  cheque drawn  on a local bank.  The Bank receives deposits of both foreign  and local foreign currency cheques in; USD  , GBP  , EURO  , KES currencies.

Product features: 
  • Maximum cheque amounts receivable  for local cheques are USD 10,000, GBP 7,000, EUR 8,000, and KES 700,000 and these take up to foru working days to clear
  • Minimum amount receivable is $50 for local cheques
  • No maximum limit is set for cheques drawn on foreign banks but supporting documentation is needed  for very large amounts not corresponding to the beneficiary's account history (above $5,000 or its equivalent). These take a minimum of one month to clear and the minimum cheque amount receivable is $100.


Basic Requirements: 
  • Account with the Bank.
  • Proper identification, Passport, ID or Driving License.
  • Supporting documents required for cheques with bigger amounts i.e. USD 5,000 or equivalent in GBP, EURO or KES