East African Payment Systems (EAPS)

This is a mechanism that ficilitates  the instant  transfer of funds within the East African region i. e in  Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and  Rwanda. Note that the funds to be tranferred should be in the currency of the destination country.

Product features: 
  • Transaction currencies in local East African currencies i.e  Ugandan shillings, Rwandan  francs, Kenyan shillings and Tanzanian shillings
  • Geographical coverage is within East African region
  • Funds are transferred instantly in real time
Basic Requirements: 
  • Account with Centenary Bank
  • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) transfer application form. The destination country should be clearly ticked on this form
  • Valid  and proper identification of both sender and receiver 
  • No cash handling risks
  • Faster  funds transfer
  • Secure funds  transfer