EFT Direct Debit Transfers Option

EFT Direct Debit Transfer Option facilitates the transfers of fees from the parents/ guardians accounts to the educational institutions' account electronically provided the customer has executed a Direct Debit Agreement (DDA). The DDA which is available at educational institutions when executed authorizes the Bank to collect fees from the parent's/guardian's bank account for electronic transfer to the educational institutions bank account.

  • Removes the inconveniences parents, guardians and students face
    when paying fees.
  • Saves time, which can be more productively and economically utilized by
  • Minimizes the risk of loss of money through con men and unscrupulous children.
  • Modern and safer process of making payments.
  • Eliminates the presentation of forged/fake bank slips by students to parents/guardians (inflated amount) or schools.
  • may be opened