Spend More Time Enjoying Life, We've Got You Covered

We understand that that in life, there is a need to guard against the risk of uncertainty. It is for this very reason that Centenary Bank in collaboration with reputable Insurance service partners offers you the opportunity to access a variety of insurance covers and advisory services at any of our branches countrywide, through our Bancassurance service.

Insurance provides security against risk and uncertainty

The insured enjoys peace of mind without fear of loss due to risk and uncertainty

Repayable through equal installment payments whose amounts are dependent on the projected cash flow of the agricultural activity

It inculcates regular savings habit, for the case of life insurance

In case of financial requirements, the insurance policy may be mortgaged to raise funds

Insurance policies such as pension plans provide income security during old age

Why Choose Our Bank As Your Preferred Insurance Agent?

Convenient access to a one-stop-shop, where banking and insurance services are provided under one roof.

Opportunity to access customized and affordable insurance products.

Get insured by trusted and reputable insurance service providers given the rigorous process we go through to vet insurance partners.

Enjoy competitive premium quotations for insurance covers.

Guaranteed professional insurance advise from our well qualified staff to assist you in selecting the most suitable cover.

Quick turn around time for signup and claims processing.

Flexible premium payment plan.


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