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Diaspora Funeral Cover


The pain of losing someone is unbearable. It even becomes harder to deal with when there are high costs involved for you to ensure that they are laid to rest peaceful.

As a way of standing with you during such difficult times, we have partnered with Prudential Uganda to support our customers in the diaspora and their families, in the unfortunate event that they lose a loved one.

Our Cente Diaspora Funeral Cover will enable you to transport your loved one back home and accord them a decent sendoff.

Who qualifies for the Diaspora Funeral Cover service?

This insurance service is open to all CenteDiaspora Account holders aged between 18 and 65 years. It covers the account holder’s spouse, children and parents. See more details in the tables below.

What is covered?

Cover Insurance Benefit
Death of Diaspora Client from Natural or Accident causes Cash pay-out to the family as per the selected package to assist in funeral preparations (benefits will be paid to the Client's Centenary Bank account)
Worldwide cover Insurance cover is worldwide (benefits are claimable on death in any part of the world) *The Diaspora Client must be of Ugandan origin

Age at Entry

Person covered Minimum Entry Age Maximum Entry and Cover Age
Account Holder 18 years 65 years
Spouse 18 years 65 years
child 1 Year (Still borns not covered) 18 years (21 years if still school going child)
Parent 18 years 65 years

Available Packages

Gold package

Person Covered Last Expense & Repatriation Benefit Annual Premium Per Member 
Account holder US$ 15,000 US$ 99
Spouse US$ 7,500 US$ 49
Child US$ 7,500 US$ 39
Parent US$ 2,000 US$ 59

Silver package

Person Covered Last Expense & Repatriation Benefit Annual Premium Per Member 
Account holder US$ 10,000 US$ 69
Spouse US$ 5,000 US$ 69
Child US$ 5,000 US$ 29
Parent US$ 1,500 US$ 49

Bronze package

Person Covered Last Expense & Repatriation Benefit Annual Premium Per Member 
Account holder US$ 5,000 US$ 39
Spouse US$ 2,500 US$ 19
Child US$ 2,500 US$ 15
Parent US$ 750 US$ 29

Benefits of signing up for the Service

  • Enjoy a peace of mind knowing that should death of the Life assured (account holder) or their dependent occur, costs of repatriation and funeral arrangements are covered.
  • The service has a world-wide cover with benefits claimable on death, in any part of the world. However, the diaspora client must be of Ugandan origin.
  • Easy to enroll for the service and claim online.
  • Select from a variety of options, an affordable annual premium with defined dependents.
  • Enjoy the freedom of adding a legal spouse, biological parents, and any given number of biological children at any point in-time.

How to sign up?

If you are an existing CenteDiaspora account holder, click SIGN UP to enroll for the service.

Existing Funeral Insurance policy holders can click RENEW or UPGRADE to renew or upgrade their covers, respectively.

Not yet a Centenary Bank customer? Click “OPEN ACCOUNT” to open a CenteDiaspora Account using the CenteMobile App and apply for the service.

Claims process

The Bank or claimant should notify Prudential Uganda within a period of 3 months from the death of the Life Assured. Below are the claims requirements for the processing of the claim;

  1. Copy of Certified Death certificate
  2. Completed Intimation Form (to be provided by Prudential)
  3. Police report - in the case of accidental death
  4. Valid identification document (such as National ID, Driver’s License, or Passport)
  5. Proof of Ugandan citizenship (by birth or descent) 

*Prudential Uganda reserves the right to request additional information to validate a claim

Click here to Submit Claim

Policy Exclusions

  1. Suicide
  2. For military service personnel; riot and civil commotion, war, aviation risks of military or air force service
  3. For non-military individuals; war, riot, and civil commotion (for riots, this exclusion pertains to individuals who are instigators or participants of the riot or civil commotion)
  4. Hazardous occupations & aviation except as a fare-paying passenger on recognized and regular routes

Further inquiry

Please read of Frequently asked questions by clicking here or for further inquiry and feedback reach us on,

Email; info@diasporainsurance.co.ug. You may also call +256317202002/ +256417202002 OR +256317202315 OR +256750555852