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Diaspora Funeral Cover FAQs

1. What is the Diaspora Funeral Cover?

Diaspora Funeral Cover is an insurance plan designed to meet the cost of repatriation and funeral expenses for a centenary account holder that has passed on while in the diaspora.

2. What are the benefits of this cover?

Costs of repatriating loved ones from the diaspora and funeral expenses while in Uganda. The cover pays a fixed amount to meet these expenses depending on the initial package purchased.

3. How much does one pay for this cover?

Premiums are dependant on the selected package (Gold/Bronze/Silver) and the number of dependants added to the cover.

4. Who is eligible to take up this cover?

A Centenary account holder, their spouse, and parent(s) between the ages of 18 years & 65 years. Children of the account holder between the ages of 1 day after birth & 18 years (21 years for if still going to school).

5. What happens if I stop paying premiums?

When you pay your annual premium, you are on cover for 12 months then cover ceases. If you don’t pay any more premiums, you are not on cover. To continue with cover after the 12 months, you have to make another annual payment.

6. How does one claim in the event death occurs?

Log onto the Centenary Bank website and proceed to the Diaspora Funeral Cover page to submit your claim.

7. How long does it take for a claim to be paid?

Upon receipt of all required claim supporting documents, the claim will be paid within 5 working days.

8. How many dependants can I add?

One can add any number of dependants.

9. Do you need to have a Centenary account to sign up for the cover?

Yes, you need to have a Centenary bank account to sign up for the cover.

10. Is the cover worldwide?

Yes, benefits are claimable on death in any part of the world.

11. Can a non-Ugandan apply for this cover?

No, cover is limited to those that are Ugandans by descent/birth.

12. Who do I contact when I have query or problem?

Send an email to info@diasporainsurance.co.ug or call +256 312 251 400

13. If I want to change my plan, how do I go about it?

Log onto the Centenary Bank website, proceed to the Diaspora Funeral Cover page and click Upgrade to change your plan.

14. Can I submit a claim without going through the website?

Yes you can send through all claim requirements to info@diasporainsurance.co.ug

15. To ask about my policy do I contact the bank or the insurance company?

You are at liberty to contact either the Centenary bank or Prudential for any details about your policy.

16. How do I get notified if my policy is expiring and I have to renew. Is there automatic renewal, can I renew automatically.?

An email notification will be sent to the email provided at sign up, notifying you of the expiry date of your policy. Once your cover has expired and you wish to continue, please log onto the Centenary Bank website, and renew your package.

17. What account do I open to access the cover?

A centenary diaspora account.

18. Do I get the cover immediately upon paying my premium?

Yes, you are on cover for 12 months as soon as you pay the annual premium.

19. We don’t have police in my country, what is the alternative to claiming?

A police report is a mandatory requirement for deaths caused by accidents. For countries without a police force, a report from a recognized law enforcement division can be considered.

20. Can I pay in instalments or is it upfront?

Premiums are paid upfront and in an annual lumpsum.