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Dial *211#ok, Select 2 to reset pin, Put ATM Card Number, Put Account Number then Put ATM PIN Number or visit any branch with a valid ID for assistance.   

Dial *211# OK, enter your PIN, select option for CenteMobile, Enter your PIN to continue, select option for CenteMobile loans, select option for Check loan limit (to know how much you qualify for), select option for apply for a loan (after knowing your limit), select loan account and the enter the amount you want to borrow (The loan terms will be displayed), Accept the terms (for the loan to be disbursed into your account), you will receive a confirmation SMS shortly that he money has been successfully deposited on your bank account. You will then be able to withdraw money from your bank account.    

Dial *211# ok, select CenteMobile and go to check balance and input your PIN. You will be charged 600/= per transaction if registered for the service.   

For MTN, please dial *165#, select option 6 then option 1 for bank deposit and select 1 for Centenary Bank and follow prompts. For Airtel, dial *185#. Select option 7 and then 1 for banks and option 2 for Centenary bank and follow prompts. Charges are determined by the service provider.   

Formally make a request on info@centenarybank.co.ug with scanned copies of your Visa page and passport as well as your full account details.   

Withdraws through CenteAgent range between 600/- to 3,500/- and utility bills range between 1,000/- to 5,000/- per transaction depending on the amount. Any service accessed through the alternative channels is charged for and this differs as per the channel used for instance CenteMobile account balance inquiry charges 600/= and well as visa card.   

You are able to withdraw funds from your account at any moment using your Visa card at only 1,000/=, Via the counter inside the baking hall at only 4,600/= or CenteMobile at only 2,200/=.   

Visit any branch to open up a savings account with the requirements below; Two (2) passport size photos

• Valid identification document (Either copy of National ID Card, Employer ID

Card, Voters Card, Driving Permit or Passport)

• Opening cash deposit 10,000 and new visa card

• One (1) Referee (who is Either a Centenary Bank customer, Employer, Lawyer/

Advocate, Clergyman, Doctor, Headmaster or any other acceptable Local