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Agent banking is simply third party banking. This is where our customers are able to carry out bank transactions at any of our contracted CenteAgents. Agents are selected and appraised by the Centenary Bank and then approved by Bank of Uganda. Upon approval, the Bank signs contracts with the agents, train them and brand their premises prior to carrying transactions.

A CenteAgent can either be a sole proprietorships, Partnerships, Limited liability companies, Cooperative Societies, Microfinance Institutions or any other entity which the Central Bank may deem fit.

In order to access the service, one is required to hold an account with Centenary Bank and should self-register for Agent Banking by dialing *211# or using the CenteAgent Application on google play store.

Services offered by Cente Agents

Cente Agents offer the following services in line with the Agent Banking regulation;
Cash Deposit
Cash Withdraw
Account Opening and Loan Application Initiation
School fees collection
Third party payments (UMEME, NWSC, URA, KCCA)
Cente Voucher (Customer to non-customer payments)
Balance Inquiries, Mini / Full statements

Benefits of Agent Banking services

Enhanced convenience by taking banking to customers’ neighborhoods
Improve customer service through extended banking hours.
Increasing accessibility to our services especially in the rural areas through increased outreach.
Delivering tailor made solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Downloading the CenteAgent Banking Mobile Application:

The application must be downloaded and installed from the Android Play Store. Below are the steps;
1. Go to the Android Play Store on your device.
2. Search for the Cente Agent Banking Mobile App
3. The Cente Agent Banking Mobile Banking App will appear.
4. Tap the app, then click Install
5. App permissions will appear, for what this mobile application needs access to. Review and then tap Accept
6. The application is then installed. Tap Open to launch the application
NOTE: No charge or fee will be associated with downloading or installing the Cente Agent Banking mobile application.

Self-registration for Agent Banking services

How to self-register using a USSD Code - *211#:
1. Dial *211#
2. Select Agent Banking
3. Select Register
4. Input your account number
5. Input CenteVisa card PAN number
6. Input CenteVisa card PIN.
7. A unique PIN shall be sent to you
8. You are ready to transact!

How to self-register using the CenteAgent Application:
1. Launch the Cente Agent Banking Mobile Application downloaded on your device.
2. Select Register
3. Input your account number
4. Input ATM PAN number
5. Input ATM PIN
6. A unique PIN shall be sent to you
7. You are ready to transact!
For further inquiry about Agent Banking, please call our toll free line: 0800200555 or email us @ info@centenarybank.co.ug