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Save time and money by paying school fees online using cente mobile.

CenteMobile is a mobile banking platform that enables you to transact and access banking services using your mobile phone anywhere, anytime.

What is more interesting about this product is that you can pay school fees using your phone. No more wasting time commuting to the bank and no more long queues.

You can now pay school fees securely from the phone.

9 simple steps on how to securely pay school fees.

Step 1. Dail *211#
Step 2. Enter your PIN.
Step 3. Select School Fees from the Menu that is displayed.
Step 4. Enter Student ID Number.
Step 5. Confirm Student Details.
Step 6. Enter Parents’ Phone Number.
Step 7. Enter Amount of Money.
Step 8. Select which Account to withdraw from.
Step 9. Enter Account PIN to Complete Transaction.

Payments done with CenteMobile are reconciled in real-time with the school bank account.

Mobile banking with CenteMobile gives you another reason to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 by staying at home and banking from home.