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Go back to School with the CenteEducation school fees loan.


The world is going through unprecedented times right now. For many parents, guardians and caretakers, it is tough raising the required amount of money to send their children back to school.

The good news for such parents, guardians and caretakers is that Centenary Bank has a solution for them with the CenteEducation school fees loan. This is a short-term credit facility to facilitate the payment of school fees.

Benefits of the CenteEducation loan.

  1. Fast loan processing time.
  2. No security required. All you need is a verified source of income.
  3. Relatively large amounts of up to Shs. 5 million.
  4. Attractive interest rates.
  5. Flexible repayment terms and periods of 6–12 months.
  6. The CenteEducation school fees loan is affordable. It is based on one’s capacity to repay.

Requirements for the CenteEducation loan.

  1. Financial card.
  2. Verified source of income.

Get your children’s education life back on track by applying for the CenteEducation school fees loan today.