Abbey Mukiibi, the face of Centenary Bank’s campaign smiles to life

Ask for one of Uganda’s top and most celebrated entertainers and the name Abby Mukiibi will pop up in your conversation. One of Uganda’s popular screen play actors and radio show host of Kalisoliso on CBS FM, Hajji Mukiibi has grown and developed his career as an entertainer, journalist and brand ambassador of Centenary Bank.

Mukiibi and Centenary Bank have grown and nurtured a three-year relationship, through which he has championed campaigns like; Kwasa with Cente, CenteXmas, CenteAgent, and now the 5 FOR 5 Jackpot campaign.

In this campaign, Centenary Bank is rewarding cash prizes to 30 lucky winners, every week, for simply using the bank’s digital banking channles like CenteMobile, CenteAgent and CenteVisa. Mukiibi’s role is to endorse the campaign and encourage all Cente account holders to embrace and take advantage of the opportunity to win that much desired free money. His relationship with the bank has enabled the brand to reach his audiences and fans and at the same time positively impact his brand, enabling him to grow big and better.

“It is an honor to have a long-standing relationship with Centenary Bank, I have known the bank for the longest time, right from the time I acquired my first bank account. My relationship with the bank has enhanced my brand in many ways.”

““With every new campaign, I get to be  on each and everyone’s TVs, I’m heard on several radio stations when one listens to the campaign jingos, at the end of the day Centenary Bank is known and everyone will definitely know of Abby Mukiibi”

In his parting shots, Mukiibi encouraged young entertainers to value and invest in growing their brands if they want to advance their careers. “That way it will be easy for big organizations to identify and work with you on their campaigns and work,” He said.