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Customer Service

We Value our customers and when a complaint or feedback is received, we always handle it with the effectiveness it deserves.

You can lodge your complaint or shall feedback using the following channels;

In Person: You can contact our Branch Manager who shall handle your complaint/feedback according.

In Writing: Address your letter to the Branch Manager, include your account details and phone number, then drop the letter in a suggestion box at the branch nearest to you.

E-mail: You can email us at info@centenarybank.co.ug We shall only respond to your email by return email if you specifically request us to do so.

Telephone: You may share your feedback/complaint with our call centre on 0317/417 202002, 0317/417 346856, 0317/417 251276, 0317/417 251277 OR Toll Free 0800200555.

Social Media: Customers can also share their feedback/complaint through the Bank’s official social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter and You Tube

We shall endeavor to resolve your complaint within 48 hours of complaint receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Tariff Guides

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Customer Protection Guidelines

On June 1, 2011, Bank of Uganda issued financial consumer protection guidelines in bid to achieve four main objectives, namely:

  • To promote fair and equitable financial services practices by setting minimum standards for financial services providers in dealing with consumers
  • To increase transparency in order to inform and empower consumers of financial services
  • To foster confidence in the financial services sector
  • To provide efficient and effective mechanisms for handling consumer complaints relating to the provision of financial products and services.

For a detailed copy of Bank of Uganda Financial Consumer Protection Guidelines, 2011, please click here