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The torrent of rain at the Kyambogo cricket oval on Sunday the 29th of September was nothing to scare the corporate teams that had gathered for the 8th outing of the Corporate League 2019. Team was visibly drenched in mud and soaked to the bone with every ounce of determination on their faces.  


The Cente-team was no exception, clad in blue and white, it was impossible for them not to stand out among other teams on the playground. With a lineup of; volleyball, football and tug of war games, everyone was kept on their toes for most of the day. The Cente-team participated in the planned games of the day and demonstrated a generous serving of great teamwork throughout the day.


For volleyball, we took on team Letshego in a volleyball game that saw strength matched against strength. Strive after strike, our score went a number higher against our opponents. With a height advantage over Letshego, they had to earn each score on their scoreboard. The final whistle closed the score at 15 that was only 10 points shy of closing on a full set that is counted in a volleyball game with team Letsheho securing only 5 points in a game that gave them a run for their money.


Football saw the Cente matched against the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the Managers league in a high-spirited game that ended in a draw score. Team CAA put on a united front with a strong defense that took even the Cente team by surprise. Our attack plan opened a window for Richard Mukasa whose tactical dribble served to our advantage with a close-range goal that no one saw coming but we're all waiting for. The Cente team had clearly done their ‘homework’ on the football pitch.


The hype of the corporate league was the ‘blind football’ where players were required to play while blindfolded against various teams while relying on the sound of the ball to gauge its direction. Spectators cracked their ribs over the funny game unfolding right before their eyes as players fell over themselves through the game.


The Cente team sealed their victory with the tug of war against the ICEA in a pure display of unmatched strength. Streaks of sweat were visible on the participant as biceps flexed with feet rooted to the ground. It took an incredible tug of strength to topple team ICEA to emerge as winners of the tug of war. It is no doubt that the Cente team was determined to win in each category of the games played in the 8th outing of the Corporate League games. Kudo to the Cente team for securing victory in the various games played at the Kyambogo Cricket Oval.