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CenteMobile Banking

This is a mobile banking platform that enables you to transact and access banking services using your mobile phone or device anywhere, anytime as long as there is network coverage. The service targets the mass market as well as middle-to-high income segments.

Main Features

  • Transaction tool is the customers’ mobile phone or device
  • Transaction alerts are generated for each transaction.


  • 24-hour access
  • Simple to use
  • Acquire a loan instantly at customer’s convenience
  • Pay Merchant
  • Purchase Airtime at free of charge
  • Block and Un Block ATM Cards
  • You can Pay school fees
  • Instant transactions from anywhere, anytime
  • Easy account balance checking
  • Ease of paying bills and receiving money without going to the bank
  • Instant money transfers
  • Instant transaction alerts
  • No cash handling risks
  • Request for mini statements made at customers’ convenience

Basic Requirements

  • Account with the Our Bank
  • Registered on CenteMobile banking platform.
  • Connected mobile phone.
  • Centemobile PIN to access their Bank account
  • Enough Account/Wallet balance
  • Network coverage

Note: To access the CenteMobile Banking service, please visit your nearest branch and fill in a form to register. A PIN will then be sent to you iwith in 24 hours via SMS, to be used for loging onto the the platform.

Dial *211# for USSD or Download the CenteMobile Application via Google Play store and enjoy unlimited access to your account.