Invoice Discounting

Short-term facility where the Bank offers to pay a discounted amount against the invoice face value before the maturity date. The facility is offered to the customers of the Bank who trade on credit terms.

Product Features

  • Attract a fee and commission as per tariff.
  • Flexible security requirement depending on drawee and the tenor
  • Maximum amount of the invoice finance is 80%.
  • The facility is self-liquidating
  • Maximum tenor is 120 days
  • Attract interest payable either monthly or upon settlement of the respective invoice


  • Immediate access to proceeds of sales
  • Cheaper additional working capital with simplified security requirements


  • Financial card
  • Loan application form
  • Good reputation of the invoiced party
  • Letter of undertaking to pay the bank directly from the drawee
  • Proper authentication of the invoice by the Bank
  • Letter of assignment of account receivables with recourse