Telegraphic Money Transfers(Outward TTS)

These are electronic transfer of funds in and out of the country.

Product Features

  • Geographical coverage is internationally
  • Processed in USD, EUR, KES & GBP
  • 3 working days from the transaction till the funds are credited to the beneficiary account
  • Electronic transfer of funds out of the country
  • Outward Transfer charges as per the bank tariff guide at all bank branches


  • Fast, safe and reliable
  • Facility is convenient for movement of large sums of money
  • Low risk of forgeries as no cheque issuance is involved
  • Worldwide coverage


  • Remitter MUST be an account holder
  • Must have enough cash or credit balance to cover the transfer & charge
  • Remitter must have full beneficiary names & Address, A/c number,(IBAN number included for all Euro & GBP transfers), Swift address of beneficiary bank.
  • Remitter (Sender’s) full name (as per our records), address and Telephone number. (for easy follow up in case of feedback or clarification needed.)