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Visa Debit Card

The CenteVisa Debit Card is a globally accepted card that enables Centenary Bank customers to transact conveniently, at all Visa acceptance points.

Access points for the Visa Debit Card include;

1. Online payment platforms e.g. (jumia, amazon and bazebo)
2. Points of Sale machines.
3. Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s)
4. wherever Visa services have been enabled.

With this card, you have easy access to your money anytime, anywhere in the world.

Product Features

1. The card is accepted globally, at all Visa acceptance points.
2. The card can be linked to any transaction account of your choice.
3. Access to over 180 ATM’s country wide.
4. Global ATM network. Your Visa Debit card is accepted at over 1.9 million ATM locations worldwide (visa.com).
5. Enhanced card security since the card operates using Chip & PIN technology.


The benefits of using the CenteVisa Debit Card include the following;

1. Enhanced security. The card operates using Chip and Pin technology. The customer can transact knowing that their transactions are secure.
2. Improved convenience and accessibility. The Card is a globally acceptable card, therefore customers can transact wherever Visa has been enabled, e.g. at Merchant Point of Sale machines, online payment platforms and ATM’s.


To apply for a CenteVisa Debit Card, visit the nearest Centenary Bank branch with the following items;

1. National ID, Driving Permit or Passport.
2. Open a transaction account.
3. Customers with the old ATM Cards can exchange them for the new CenteVisa Debit Card.