Western Union Money Transfer

This is a fast and secure way of sending and receiving money locally and worldwide to/from more than 400 countries. The service is available for individual to individual transactions and there is no requirement for the sender or receiver to have an account with the bank.

Product Features

  • Covers most countries in the world
  • No account with bank needed
  • Transactions can be in any currency but where in Uganda, money to be received is converted and disbursed in UShs
  • Can be received as soon as the sender deposits into any Western Union office or agency (in at most 10 minutes)
  • Sender pays the charge


  • Fast money transfers, taking less than 10 minutes to get to destination
  • Recipient pays no fees
  • Very reliable
  • No requirement to have an account
  • Customer can send and receive at any Western Union location.


  • Valid identification (to receive money)
  • Proper identification of both sender and receiver (each gives details of the other)
  • Valid identification documents like national ID, employer’s ID, Driving license or Passport
  • Money Transfer Control Number (mandatory)
  • Correct names and address of sender
  • Name of Country/city of senders origin
  • Expected amount to be received
  • Correct answer to test question.
Basic Requirements to send money:
  • Name of destination country
  • Amount to be sent
  • Receiver’s full names
  • Test question if sending to Africa