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Our people, our community and our country are at the heart of everything we do; from giving back to our society to building an all-inclusive business that goes beyond the usual norms of business.

Since our inception, Our Bank has consistently and deliberately dedicated priceless time and resources to support our communities for sustainable development. Ultimately, our commitment goes beyond banking. It’s equally about doing the right thing.

Every year, we dedicate up to one per cent of our previous year’s after-tax profits towards Corporate Social Investment (CSI). This is in line with our corporate responsibility policy.

Over the last seven year, we have invested more than UGX 4 billion in our CSR programmes to make a great difference in the communities within which we operate and ultimately, our country, and, we continue to do so year-on-year.

Our goal is to impact more lives, especially those people living in rural areas, through financial education, health, environment, social work of the church and other community activities through our expansive branch network.

Corporate Social Responsibility


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