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Access Discounts for local and online purchases, Travel, Hotel services, etc.

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Access to Airport lounges.

Dedicated Call Centre for card service issues

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Zero liability and protection against unauthorized transactions

24-hour uninterrupted access

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Frequently Asked Questions

QN 1: How does the MasterCard differ from the Visa Card?

The MasterCard Platinum card has superior features such as high transaction limits, access to airport lounges, fast track for Visa applications, discounts in some partnering stores among others.

QN 2: What are the benefits of the MasterCard over the normal VISA Debit Card?

  • You will have access to discounts on services/products at participating merchants both within the country and outside Uganda.
  • The card is enabled for online transactions and ATMs with limits of up to UGX 10 million or equivalent in another currency.
  • You will have access to a dedicated call centre to attend to card service issues
  • Access to Airport lounges

QN 3: What kind of transactions can I make using the MasterCard Platinum Card?

The card will be enabled for e-commerce/online transaction, Point of Sale payments at merchants and ATM transactions.

QN 4: What charges will I incur?

The charge is 0.15% of the transaction amounts above UGX 2 million, this will also cater for the high costs associated with cash e.g. Cash in Transit charges.

QN 5: Will the MasterCard Platinum Cards be embedded to our ATM card like the VISA Debit Card or will they be separately issued to clients?

The two cards will be separately issued.

QN 6: Will I be able to withdraw the 10 million from ATM machine at once?

The days’ limit for the Platinum Card is up to UGX 10 million or equivalent in other currencies. The withdraw chunks are determined by the Bank’s ATM.

QN 7: Is it true that with the MasterCard, withdraw transactions on forex accounts will automatically be converted into the local currency?

Yes, this is true.

QN 8: What is the cost of acquiring a MasterCard?

You will be required to pay UGX 25,000

QN 9: Will I have to line up to get a MasterCard?

No, you will not. In some cases, we shall deliver the cards to your doorstep.

QN 10: What is the difference between the Visa card and MasterCard?

These are all card schemes with varying benefits. VISA & MasterCard are two leading card companies in the world. They are both methods of payment accepted in over 200 countries. It is rare to find a country that accepts one and not accept the other. Neither VISA nor MasterCard issues cards directly;

QN 11: Can I have both the Visa card and the MasterCard Platinum Card for the same account?

No, for those we issue the Mastercard platinum Card, the Visa Card will be withdrawn.