Savings Linked Loan

Short-term loan product requiring a customer who is either s Producer-farmer or Processor to save every month a certain sum for a specific period to reach a targeted amount and at the end of the savings term.

Product Features

Interest rate on deposits as per the Banks Savings account regime

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Interest charged on declining balance as per reining interest regime

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Loan amount of 2 to 3 times the amount of savings up to a maximum of UShs5 million

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Loan period of up to a maximum of 36 months

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Mode of loan repayments based on the nature of cash flow

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Current or Savings Bank account

Completed loan application form

Payment of loan processing fees

Financial card

Clients of consent age engaged in agriculture

Maintain regularity in saving UShs. 20,000 every month for a minimum of one year

Security is hypothecation/mortgage of asset purchased and a lien on savings accumulated

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