Power Connection Loan

Centenary Bank’s Solar Loan is a short term loan for financing the purchase and installation of solar power at places of residence or business premises.

Product Features

Minimum loan amount UGX 100,000 and maximum UGX 20 million

Minimum loan period of 6 months and a maximum of 24months

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Loan amount shall not exceed 70% of the purchase/installation price of the solar equipment.

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Interest charged on reducing balance basis

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Flexible and regular repayment frequency

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Current or Savings Bank account

Completed loan application form

Payment of loan processing fees

Financial card

Repeat borrowers who have promptly repaid 4 successive agricultural production loans

Farmers area under cultivation or cropping has not changed

Security acceptable such as mortgage including kibanja, chattels, crop insurance etc.

Personal guarantee by two (2) Guarantors

Letter of Continuing Security in case of loans secured by mortgage

Loan request-cum-loan document link

Loan officer visit prior loan disbursement at every cycle

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